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Senate Vote Tentatively Removes Worst of AB 2145

Yesterday’s Senate Vote Tentatively Removes Worst of AB 2145
Late yesterday Assembly Bill 2145 that would crush Community Choice was amended and approved by the Senate Energy, Utilities, and Communications Committee. Amendments stripped out the worst of the proposed law.

  • The opt-in provision – the biggest worry – was reversed back to opt-out.
  • “Community” was tentatively defined as three contiguous counties to counter the momentum to restrict a Community Choice program to one county.
  • Any city or county that passes a resolution or ordinance prior toDec. 31, 2014, will be grandfathered.

Work on the bill continues as it treks through the State legislature.

Kudos to all who contributed to stopping this bad bill. The enormous upwelling of opposition statewide temporarily blocked the investor-owned utilities like PG&E that are pushing AB 2145. (Photo above shows staff member Woody Hastings as he speaks at yesterday’s press conference at the Capitol.)

The fight isn’t over! Updates and other information are available

And kudos to The Press Democrat that recently published an editorial and a Close to Home opposing AB 2145:
“Don’t Change the Law on Sonoma Clean Power
“Utilities Attacking Choice Again” by Mark Landman & Natasha Granoff