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French Floating Solar Company Sets Up Shop In U.S.

France-based Ciel et Terre says it is extending its large-scale floating solar photovoltaic (PV) technology to the U.S. with a new team in Petaluma, Calif., and manufacturing facility in Georgia in order to provide a system that is entirely made domestically.

The company’s floating Hydrelio platform allows standard solar PV panels to be installed on large manmade bodies of water, such as industrial reservoirs, dams or irrigation ponds. This is especially valuable for energy- and water-intensive industries that cannot afford to waste resources, including at water treatment plants and reclamation facilities, wineries and dairy farms, according to the company.

Ciel et Terre says that in addition to the direct benefits of generating renewable energy and avoiding the use of valuable land, floating PV technology also helps the environment by covering a significant surface area on a body of water, thus conserving water by reducing evaporation and limiting algae growth.

The company has implemented projects in seven countries, including Japan, Korea, China, U.K., France, Brazil, and most recently in the U.S., with demo systems in California and Florida. With more than 40 MW of solar PV power production currently utilizing the Hydrelio system, Ciel et Terre says it will be expanding to 100 MW of floating solar this year.