Solar Site Development

Solar Site Development

Today’s growth of the Renewable Energy industry is staggering, and incredible opportunity exists for investors and owners. The State of California as well as many others have mandated that Utilities provide a growing percentage of their power from renewable energy sources. This is known as the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS).

Producing electricity from solar panels is relatively simple. Developing a solar power plant is not. Negotiating the various regulatory issues for successfully interconnecting to the grid and selling the power produced is a complex and ever-changing process. There are new opportunities for selling power, known as Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) and Renewable Energy Certificates (REC), that combine with current tax and other financial incentives to create compelling ROI. REP Energy has long been at the forefront of these issues, participating in the development of solar energy policy and the establishment of interconnection procedure.

Opportunity Assessment

  • Analyze and advise on opportunities arising from existing and proposed Renewable Energy Certificates (REC), Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and Feed-in Tariffs (FIT)
  • Assess all current and upcoming tax and financial incentives
  • Evaluate regulatory roadblocks caused by building permits and potential environmental issues
  • Evaluate state and local incentives
  • Evaluate solar resources (affected by issues including regional available sun hours and weather patterns)

Site Evaluation

  • Evaluate specific sites
  • Evaluate interconnection opportunities with local utilities and proximity of site to existing utility Distribution, Transmission lines and Substations
  • Provide preliminary project design, including:
    • Google Earth system layout
    • Construction cost estimate
    • Projected timeline
    • Estimated output and financial analysis

Project Design

  • Specification of system components
    • Drawings
    • Engineering
    • Cost estimates
    • Timeline
    • Performance analysis

Site Control

  • Negotiate  purchase or lease agreements

Utility Contracts

  • Prepare and submit interconnection application
  • Manage interconnection process
  • Provide negotiation expertise for negotiations with utility companies regarding Renewable Energy Credits, Power Purchase Agreements, and Feed-in Tariffs


  • Apply for permits and manage permit process
  • Provide guidance for contract negotiations with project managers, contractors, sub-contractors and component manufacturers
  • Oversee construction for quality control
  • Manage construction contracts
  • Provide project-troubleshooting services
  • Maintain relationships with utility companies and investors