Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering

REP Energy brings creativity, intelligence and the most up-to-date information to each commercial and large-scale solar project, ensuring successful design, engineering, and construction. Project analysis includes expert and accurate assessment of the project potential, engineering performance and financial analysis. Our experienced construction management team assures that your project is delivered on time and within budget optimizing long-term performance.




Preliminary Design & Output Analysis

  • Virtual site assessment using satellite and aerial imagery along with Utility Distribution and Transmission maps
  • Preliminary system design and performance analysis
  • Pre-assessment from utility for interconnection feasibility
  • Evaluate interconnect opportunities with local utilities and proximity of site to existing utility Distribution, Transmission lines and Substations
  • Provide preliminary project design, including:
    • Google Earth system layout
    • Construction cost estimate
    • Projected timeline
    • Estimated output and financial analysis

Site Assessment

  • Shade and solar resource
  • Detailed measurements of buildings and obstructions
  • Soils conditions
  • Structural integrity
  • Roof life
  • Existing electrical infrastructure including Distribution and Transmission lines
  • Construction logistics

System Design

  • Specification of system components for optimum ROI
    • Double-axis trackers,  single-axis trackers, fixed mounting comparisons
    • Module technology
    • Inverter technology
  • Tilt and spacing optimization
  • 8760 Output analysis using PVsyst software
  • Financial analysis

Engineering Services

  • Geo-technical
  • Environmental
  • Structural
  • Electrical

Construction Documents

  • Interconnection application package
  • Permitting application package
  • Construction schedule
  • Complete materials list
  • Cost estimate
  • Detailed construction drawings