Roy Edward Phillips


Roy Phillips, President of REP Energy, Inc., is a solar industry expert with over 25 years of construction experience. As Director of the California Solar Energy Industries Association (CAL-SEIA), he actively supports the organization’s efforts to encourage pro-solar legislation at both the state and federal levels and he continues to work extensively with legislators and policy makers on renewable energy issues.

Roy is currently Chairman of the Feed-in Tariff Committee, Chairman of the Utility Interconnection Committee  and Chairman of the Workforce Training Committee.

Roy has consistently led his industry with his vision of what is possible. Seeing the value of photovoltaic technology and renewable energy long before it became a prominent environmental strategy, Roy began installing solar systems in 1998. In 2002, he founded Marin Solar, a full-service solar design and installation company. Between 2002 and 2007 Marin Solar installed over 750 residential and commercial projects and was highly regarded for the excellent quality of its installations and its outstanding customer satisfaction and service. Roy is recognized for his integrity and his rapid-fire ability to create optimal solutions to construction issues. Customers consistently report their appreciation for Roy’s business practices. In 2007, Gaiam, Inc. acquired Marin Solar for inclusion in its new company, Real Goods Solar (RSOL). Roy facilitated preparation of the IPO of RSOL.

In 2009 Roy created REP Energy. REP Energy Inc. identifies and integrates high-profit, large-scale installations for solar development nationwide and provides expert analysis and management of regional market potential, existing solar resources, state and federal rebates and incentives, utility transmission infrastructure needs, and land use and development requirements. REP Energy both develops and builds large-scale photovoltaic solar projects and provides consulting services to other developers.

Roy holds California Contractors License General B, Electrical C-10, and Solar C-46, and has long-term relationships with vendors and utilities.

Alison Bonds Shapiro, MBA

CFO, REP Energy – Financial and operational management, contract negotiations, strategic planning, systems design and management.

1992 – 2009 Owner, Illuminating Solutions – business consulting, providing technical and management services: business analysis, design and implementation of management systems, financial forecasting and modeling, financial system design and management and accounting conversions, strategic planning, real estate negotiations, development of business plans, staffing planning and hiring, employee training, contract management, executive coaching, partner buy-out planning and negotiation, development of joint ventures.

1984 – 1992 ALDA Properties: President ALDA Management, Vice-President ALDA Leasing – investment syndication and management of commercial real estate properties in 4 western states for office, retail, residential and industrial properties, including construction management, leasing, marketing, relationship management, risk management, contract management, financial forecasting, investor and lender relations, acquisition and financial management.

1979 – 1984 Cousins Properties, Inc. – General Manager of Omni International, a 3.5 million square foot multi-use project and regional office parks, including: managing office, retail and parking lot operations and hotel maintenance and security functions, public relations, tenant relations, disaster management, employee team development, operational building design.

1976 – 1979 Connolly and Associates, Inc. – development and operation of suburban shopping centers including construction bidding and management, tenant improvement planning and management, tenant relations, accounting system design and conversions and staff management